R-INLA review (part II)

The¬†first review¬†was about the main ideas and the approximations itself. This time¬†its a review about the spatial models, see the new¬†¬†arxiv’ed report.

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¬ęOur world, our life, our destiny, are dominated by Uncertainty; this is perhaps the only statement we may assert without uncertainty.¬Ľ

(de Finetti)

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NIMBLE: A new way to do MCMC (and more) from BUGS code in R

Interesante … escribir BUGS pero sin utilizar BUGS…


Write statistical models in the BUGS language from R

NIMBLE adopts and extends BUGS as a modeling language and lets you program with the models you create.

Other packages that use the BUGS language are only for Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC). With NIMBLE, you can turn BUGS code into model objects and use them for whatever algorithm you want. That includes algorithms provided with NIMBLE and algorithms you write using nimbleFunctions. NIMBLE extends BUGS by allowing multiple parameterizations for distributions, user-written functions and distributions, and more.



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Introducing Microsoft R Open

Microsoft poco a poco se va introduciendo en el mundo del R, primero compr√≥ Revolutions-Analytics; y ahora ya ofrecve un R server… pues lo √ļltimo ha sido que RStudio tambien se puede conectar a este server y trabajar contra el.

Introducing Microsoft R Open: Replay and slides

We had a fantastic turnout to last week’s webinar, Introduction to Microsoft R Open. If you missed it, you can watch the replay below. In the talk, I gives some background on the R language and its applications, describe the performance and reproducibility benefits of Microsoft R Open, and give a demonstration of the basics of the R language along with a more in-depth demo of producing a beautiful weather data chart with R.



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A gentle introduction to parallel computing in R

Una buena introducción.


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Happy collaboration with Rmd to docx

Os dejo un enlace interesante: This article is reposted from graphdoctor.com with the kind permission of Richard Layton.


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Paquetes para manipular Datos en R

Computerworld’s list of R packages for data wrangling

Computerworld’s Sharon Machlis published today a very useful list of R packages that every R user should know. The list covers packages for data import, data wrangling, data visualization and package development, but for beginning R users the biggest challenge is usually just dealing with data. To that end, I thought it was worth listing the package for data access and manipulation, which I thoroughly endorse:

  • Data import/access:¬†readr¬†(text data files),¬†rio¬†(many binary data file formats),¬†readxl (Excel spreadsheets),¬†googlesheets (Google Sheets), RMySQL(MySQL databases),¬†quantmod (economic and financial data sources);
  • Data manipulation: dplyr (general data frame processing); data.table (aggregation and filtering); tidyr (tidying messy data into row/col format);¬†sqldf (SQL queries on data frames), zoo (time series data wrangling)

Check out Sharon’s complete list below for details on these and many other useful R packages.

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Xavier Barber y el Big Data en Programa CIO, 10 de marzo de 2015

Xavier Barber y el Big Data en Programa CIO, 10 de marzo de 2015



100315 Programa CIO

Dirigido por Sergi Escrivá. Dedicado a la actualidad del Instituto Centro de Investigación Operativa (CIO) de la Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche.

En el programa de hoy hemos entrevistado a Xavi Barber, investigador del CIO y licenciado en Ciencias y Técnicas Estadísiticas por la Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche y Doctorado en Estadística e Investigación. Debido al auge de Internet y las nuevas tecnologías,  hoy en día resulta imprescindible gestionar grandes cantidades de datos. Para ello nació el término inglés Big Data. A ese concepto está dedicado el programa de hoy.


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R Markdown Tutorial by RStudio and DataCamp

Interesante Videotutorial para empezar a trabajar con R y Markdown:

In collaboration with Garrett Grolemund, RStudio’s teaching specialist, DataCamp has developed a new interactive course to facilitate reproducible reporting of your R analyses. R Markdown enables you to generate reports straight from your R code, documenting your works as an HTML, pdf or Microsoft document. This course is part of DataCamp’s R training path, but can also be taken as a separate course.


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Los m√°s descargado de R en 2013/2014

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