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Happy collaboration with Rmd to docx

Os dejo un enlace interesante: This article is reposted from with the kind permission of Richard Layton.


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Paquetes para manipular Datos en R

Computerworld’s list of R packages for data wrangling

Computerworld’s Sharon Machlis published today a very useful list of R packages that every R user should know. The list covers packages for data import, data wrangling, data visualization and package development, but for beginning R users the biggest challenge is usually just dealing with data. To that end, I thought it was worth listing the package for data access and manipulation, which I thoroughly endorse:

  • Data import/accessreadr (text data files), rio (many binary data file formats), readxl (Excel spreadsheets), googlesheets (Google Sheets), RMySQL(MySQL databases), quantmod (economic and financial data sources);
  • Data manipulation: dplyr (general data frame processing); data.table (aggregation and filtering); tidyr (tidying messy data into row/col format); sqldf (SQL queries on data frames), zoo (time series data wrangling)

Check out Sharon’s complete list below for details on these and many other useful R packages.

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R Markdown Tutorial by RStudio and DataCamp

Interesante Videotutorial para empezar a trabajar con R y Markdown:

In collaboration with Garrett Grolemund, RStudio’s teaching specialist, DataCamp has developed a new interactive course to facilitate reproducible reporting of your R analyses. R Markdown enables you to generate reports straight from your R code, documenting your works as an HTML, pdf or Microsoft document. This course is part of DataCamp’s R training path, but can also be taken as a separate course.

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