Submitted Papers

This is a list of summited papers for Cross-reference until the paper is accepted.

  • Barber, X. Conesa, D. L贸pez-Qu铆lez, A., Morales J. Multivariate Bioclimatic indices modelling: A coregionalised approach. 2017 (Submited).
  • Paul M. Lantos, Gabriela Maradiaga-Panayotti, Xavier Barber, Eileen Raynor, Kate Hoffman, Sallie R. Permar,Pearce Jackson, Brenna L. Hughes, Amy Kind, Geeta K. Swamy. Geographic and Racial Disparities in Congenital Hearing Loss. 2017 (Submited).


S谩bado, 30 de septiembre de 2017