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14 razones por la que R es mejor que Excel(c)

14 Reasons Why R is better than Excel

This article was first published on聽Revolutions

The Fantasy Football Analytics blog shares these聽14 reasons why R is better than Excel for data analysis:

  1. More powerful data manipulation capabilities
  2. Easier automation
  3. Faster computation
  4. It reads any type of data
  5. Easier project organization
  6. It supports larger data sets
  7. Reproducibility (important for detecting errors)
  8. Easier to find and fix errors
  9. It’s free
  10. It’s open source
  11. Advanced Statistics capabilities
  12. State-of-the-art graphics
  13. It runs on many platforms
  14. Anyone can contribute packages to improve its functionality

The two most important in my mind are #2 (automation) and #7 (reproducibility), reasons that apply to any GUI-driven tool. The ability to use code to repeat your analyses and reproduce the results consistently cannot be overstated.

For more detailed background behind each of these reasons, and four situations where it’s best to use Excel, check out the complete blog blost linked below.

Fantasy Football Analytics:聽Why R is Better Than Excel for Fantasy Football (and most other) Data Analysis

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